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Welcome to Lindsey Airsoft

Lincolnshire's premier Airsoft Venue. The site in Elkington near Louth has over 4 acres of woodland - rough terrain, open fields which can lead to some real action-packed fun!

Tackle hills, craters and lots of mud - but  beware of snipers, ambushes and enemy forces! If you are new to the sport or even an existing member of a club, Lindsey Airsoft is ideal for you.

Lindsey Airsoft is open throughout the year and welcomes everyone from the serious airsofter to individuals, novices, private parties or simply those who fancy having a go!. Airsoft is an ideal activity for all ages from 10 years up.

Airsoft is similar to paintball but without the mess! It is as close as you can get to real military action - using realistic weapons that fire 6mm plastic balls called BB's at a rate of up to 14 rounds per second. This ammunition is much cheaper than paintballs and less likely to cause injury.

If you're new to Airsoft, take part in a few Airsoft events before spending your hard earned cash on guns and accessories!

Upcoming Events...

Our staff...your safety

Lindsey Airsoft is fully insured and staff members are all first-aid qualified professional airsofters of many years experience. Most are ex-military instructors, CRB checked and are there to ensure your safety and to make sure you enjoy your day.

Equipment Hire

If you don't have all the necessary Airsoft equipment, don't worry! You can hire an AEG from a wide range of stock, as well as hiring combat clothing and purchasing extra ammo should you need it


Pyrotechnics may be used on the site but if you're a novice, please bear in mind that there may be unexpected loud bangs!

Site Membership

Join our site membership scheme, get UKARA registered, discount off products, bonus games etc click here for more info.

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