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Unfortunately due to rises in costs, rates etc we have had to slightly increase our prices as from March 2022



Rental Equipment

We use the G36c as rental guns available should you need to hire one for your visit. It is also ideal if you want to "try before you buy" to see if the gun is for you! A rental package consists of everything you need to play and enjoy your visit. A good quality gun, magazine, face protection and quantity of BB's to get you started! Depending on how trigger happy you are....more BB's can be purchased on the day. 

IMPORTANT: If you intend to rent a gun, please book in advance (preferably 5 to 7 days before the game date) to ensure availability and reservation. Telephone or email us to book. For More Information please click on the Booking link Please Note You are not obliged to purchase our ammunition but only Excel, Marui or other quality Biodegradable 0.20g BB's are used in our guns. Cheap budget ammunition must not be used as it is not manufactured to the same high quality and may cause jams and internal damage to the equipment. Please check with Lindsey Airsoft staff before putting anything other than Excel or Marui BB's in the magazine of your hire equipment. You are responsible as the hirer for the safety of the hire gun at all times. Any damage to our guns caused by the use of non-approved BB's, lost, malicious or accidental damage will be charged for at a minimum of £50.00. Magazines will be charged at £15.00 each.

The site is particulary hilly and comes with its own fair share of mud even all year round! It would be advisable to have a change of clothes with you to change into at the end of the day. Usually players wear camouflaged clothing to aid the game play however in winter month plenty of warm clothes as the temperature can drop. We advise that arms must be covered and recommend a good pair of boots with ankle support.

Please note: Strictly biodegradable BB's only used on this site. These can be purchased on site at our reception. 

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